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Mark Livingston is a true artist. His creativity has led him into many artistic pursuits throughout his life. Mark is also known for quality. It's in his bones. It is this combination of artistic ability and quality that have led Mark to rise to the top of many of his pursuits.


Mark worked as one of British Columbia's top executive chefs in Whistler at the famed Bearfoot Bistro. There, his culinary prowess and eye for presentation won him great notoriety in the culinary arts. He is a published cookbook author and contributor to several newspapers and culinary trade magazines.


Mark has worked as a professional painting contractor for over twenty years. His painting skills led him to become one of the most sought after contractors in Whistler, British Columbia, where he was well known for extremely high quality workmanship. He capitalized on his life long passion for wood finishing and restoration, and used his skills to further his reputation as a perfectionist craftsman.


Mark has worked in some of the finest homes in Whistler, Sea to Sky Country and Toronto.


Currently, Mark is using his life-long passions for woodworking and fine finishing to bring you his amazing line of industrial inspired furniture. All quality built... carefully designed...and beautifully finished...his work is guaranteed to please.



Welcome to The Refined Pallet.

Our Product Line

  • Big Daddy Industrial Pallet Tables
  • Double Decker Industrial Pallet Tables
  • Barrow Style Industrial Pallet Tables
  • Industrial Furniture
  • Industrial Art & Accent Pieces
  • Industrial Wine Racks & Shelving
  • One-Of-A-Kind Spec Builds
  • Commissioned Pieces

About Us

Lets Go!

The Refined Pallet


My Work

The Refined Pallet is a perpetual creative venture that is constantly evolving. The artistic realm is fused together with the practical and the mechanical. Blending the old and the new...creating...exploring...developing... that's what it's all about. And in the end of it all, delivering something very unique and personal to our clients is the ultimate objective.

The Refined Pallet is all about Industrial Furnishings for those who appreciate the industrial feel. We have worked to refine a steady collection of designs to offer our clients, yet we strive to offer more through the creative process. Staying true to our roots is essential, but we venture off in order to bring new designs to add to our collection.

Our tables is where it all began. The Industrial Pallet Coffee Tables - made of reclaimed lumber - have been the life blood to our success. These tables are built with pride and great care. They are designed to appeal to the eye as well as to the day-to-day needs of practical living. They are tough yet gentle...unassuming, yet demanding of attention... in vogue, yet reminiscent of yesteryear. Each table, individually crafted, serves as a essential piece in the backbone of the Refined Pallet.

Our Industrial Pallet Coffee Tables are built to order for each client. We build to suit. Our client's needs and tastes are foremost in the design process. Preferences such as table style, size requirements and stain color are just the beginning. Adding personal touches like customized stenciling and iron adornments help to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces for each and every client. The possibilities are truly endless.

Please look through our gallery of photographs and see the possibilities. Remember, at The Refined Pallet we build to suit...so if you have any of your own ideas to customize your own unique table, or would like to commission a custom furniture build, we would love to hear from you! Our customer's come first! We build a variety of other furniture which is featured on our website, so please have a good look at what we have to offer.

Visit the link "Shop Talk" where we feature new pre-built furniture and accessories for sale, as well as other products we have to offer. There, you will also get a glimpse into some of our processes and techniques used in the design and construction of our furniture.

We welcome inquiries from the day-to-day consumer (with great taste), interior designers (with hip clients) and stylish commercial trend-setters.

Mark Livingston
The Refined Pallet


The Process

Design and Development Workflow

  • Strategy


    The majority of the lumber used in the construction of our industrial furniture, artwork and accessories is reclaimed from various sources. In other words...we use recycled wood. It would be much easier and cheaper to use new lumber...but that would mean contributing to the unnecessary felling of trees (boo!) rather than recycling perfectly good wood (hooray!). There is also the fact that reclaimed lumber just looks better! But most of all...there's a real satisfaction in retiring lumber that has served a purpose in its former life by transforming it into something beautiful and useful. Kind of like when a trail weary old cowboy retires to a rocking chair to whittle a stick and tell good stories.
    We go to great lengths to find great wood that will make great furniture.

  • Planning


    Our furniture is designed with two objectives in mind: to be stylish and to be functional. Obviously...the style is industrial. Industrial furniture is designed to be simple looking and totally practical. There is beauty in simplicity and intelligence in practicality. Functionality is twofold; there must be a clearly defined purpose as well as durability. Our designs are simple, beautiful, purposeful and as tough as nails!
    But at The Refined Pallet, you are involved in the design process as well! If you are ordering a table, you get to choose the size and color of stain used to finish your table. What that means is that you will have a table that is 100% unique! And you can further personalize with stencils and iron accents.
    But design doesn't just apply to how we design our regular line of furniture, it also applies to custom orders our clients want built. If you don't see what you are looking for...or if you would like to mod out one of our own designs...just ask. We will do our best to make your ideas a reality!

  • Develop


    Our building process begins and ends with quality in mind. We endeavor to use the best materials for our furniture and we choose each component based on how well it performs. Great care is taken in the building process to make sure the final product is rock solid and true. And our stains and finishes are chosen for their exceptional colors and performance.
    We have many custom finishes available that are beyond stain and polyurethane. These are complex, multiple step finishes that you will not find anywhere else.

  • Deliver


    We install larger custom orders (if required) such as shelving, book cases and larger tables etc. Some of our wall-mounted industrial artwork is large, and should you need it, we are here to help with that too.


Shop Talk

The Printing Factory goes BIG DADDY!

01 Jul

This is a recent Big Daddy build that was custom ordered by a resident of  The Printing Factory Lofts in Leslieville in Toronto.  The connection to the historic use of the building is quite interesting, and this client wanted that history to come through in his table.  Very cool indeed!

Another resident saw this table and ordered a Big Daddy for himself, which will be seen here upon completion.

For more information about The Big Daddys…please contact Mark at The Refined Pallet @ 647-968-4004

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Commercial Benches – Kachi Interiors!

01 Apr

These three benches were ordered by Kachi Interiors, a design firm in Oakville, Ontario.  They were ordered for a new gym opening in Burlington.  We were asked to supply some finished hemlock barn flooring to be used to wrap the front of a reception desk in the gym as well.

The benches were made salvaged hemlock beams recovered from Caledon, Ontario.  We used 12×12 inch square beams we chose for their character and visual appeal.  We raised the beams on 3 inch wide steel loop legs.

The mortise and tenons were left intact to add visual appeal.

If you are interested in having The Refined Pallet make you a bench, please contact us @ 647-968-4004.











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Big Ass Barn Beam Bench!!

19 Mar

This bench was custom built for a client wanting an over-sized bench to use as a stand for his flat screen television.  The beam is 8 feet long and 10 inches square.  It is raised up on two very solid iron loop legs.  The client wanted the hemlock beam sanded and left unfinished.

If you want more information on your own custom barn beam bench, please call The Refined Pallet @ 647-968-4004.











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BIG Ash Barn Beam Slabs Circa 1886!!

18 Mar

JUST IN FROM THE SAW MILL are these beautiful ash slabs cut from an over-sized barn beam reclaimed from a barn raised in 1886!  These slabs are 8 feet long…16 inches wide and 2 inches thick.  The grain is beautiful.  These slabs are cut from a beam that was not squared off when it was made, so the slabs are live edge.

If you want more information on these slabs – or any of our lumber for sale – please contact The Refined Pallet @ 647-968-4004.








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W & A Gilbey Distillery BIG DADDY!!

14 Mar

Here, we have a really great table.  This Big Daddy bears the name of a well known distillery in Toronto; the W&A Gilbey Gin Distillery in New Toronto.  I remember this distillery very well because my sister worked for Gilbeys until she passed away from cancer.  So, working on this table found me with many quiet thoughts about her.

This table is special for a few other reasons.  The table top is made from reclaimed hemlock barn floor boards.  This results in a lot of character.  The customer chose to leave the wheel mounts silver and added the iron corner bumps.

This is a great looking table!

If you want more information about ordering your own custom made BIG Daddy, call The Refined Pallet @ 647-968-4004.















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Introducing REBARN.CA!

09 Mar


The Refined Pallet will still be making our high quality industrial furniture as usual, but all of our barn related products  will be marketed through our new company and website REBARN.CA!!   The website is under construction and will be making a grand debut in no time.  So…until then…we will still be taking all inquires at The Refined Pallet @ 647-968-4004.

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Barn Board For Sale!

01 Mar

We have just taken delivery of a really nice selection of barn board.  We purchase this wood for our furniture and our barn doors.  But we like to sell some of our stock as well.

We look for barn wood that fits the bill for building furniture and doors.  What that means is that it has to be top quality wood.  There are a lot of people out there selling barn wood, but not all barn wood is worthy of purchase.

What do we look for in our wood?  Well, first of all we want wood that isn’t cracked or split.  We want solid wood.  We also want wood that is straight -no cupping, no warping and no kerf.  And just as important, we look for character.

All of these qualities make it easier for us to process our wood for what we build.  And we can pass that along to you.

Our stock is always changing.  We always have new wood arriving as barns come down.  However, the products we carry are usually consistant.

Our Wood Products – Always in Stock

  • Grey Barn Board
  • Hemlock Grainery Floor Boards – 1 inch thick, various lengths and widths
  • Threshing Floor Boards – 2 inches thick, various lengths and widths
  • Resawn Barn Beams – 1 inch/1-1/2 inch/2 inch/3inch boards, various lengths and widths

Saw Mill Services

We can custom cut reclaimed beams to your specifications.

Barn Coming Down – Arriving Soon!

We have 2000 square feet of grey board arriving in two weeks.  If you need large quantity…let us know.

We have all threshing and grainery material from a barn arriving in two weeks.  If you need large quantity…let us know!

All barn beams from barn arriving in two weeks.  If you want first pick of these beams (sawn not hand hewn)…let us know!

Our Warehouse

380 Alliance Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. M6N 2H8


Barn Wood

Barn Wood

Barn Wood

Mixed Barn Wood

Mixed Barn Wood

Mixed Barn Wood

Barn Roofing Boards

Barn Roofing Boards

Barn Roofing Boards

Barn Roofing Boards

Barn Roofing Boards

Barn Roofing Boards

Hemlock Floor Boards

Hemlock Floor Boards

Hemlock Floor Boards




Resawn Barn Beams

Resawn Barn Beams

Resawn Barn Beams

Resawn Barn Beams

Resawn Barn Beams

Resawn Barn Beams

Barn Beam Plank -  Inside Cut

Barn Beam Plank – Inside Cut

Barn Beam Plank – Inside Cut

Barn Beam Plank - Inside Cut

Barn Beam Plank – Inside Cut

Barn Beam Plank – Inside Cut

Barn Beam Plank - Outside Cut

Barn Beam Plank – Outside Cut

Barn Beam Plank – Outside Cut

Barn Beam Plank - Outside Cut

Barn Beam Plank – Outside Cut

Barn Beam Plank – Outside Plank

Resawn Barn Beams

Resawn Barn Beams

Resawn Barn Beams

Big And Tall

Big And Tall

Big And Tall!

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Big Ass Fireplace Renovation!

01 Mar

We recently were asked to make and install a reclaimed barn beam mantel for this fireplace renovation project.  It was a fairly standard project with one exception – the size of the mantel.  This mantel measures in at 14 feel long!

As far as bear beams go…14 feet isn’t that long, really.  But we don’t see a lot of 14 foot mantels over fireplaces.  This is a wall-to-wall mantel, and it turned out beautifully.

This mantel was fabricated from a 10″x10″ barn beam.  We ran it through the saw mill to remove the bottom 2 inches…making it a finished 8″x10″ piece.  The stain color was matched to the existing flooring.

This fireplace has a little more work to be done before it is finished.  A stone face will be installed above the mantel and the lower stone will be etched with muriatic acid for cleaning.

And there is the happy owner looking proud!

For more information on our barn beam mantels, call The Refined Pallet @ 647-968-4004.










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Interior Barn Doors!!

25 Feb

The Refined Pallet is now offering Rolling Barn Doors for the interior of your home or work space.  We are happy to announce that we have developed our own barn door hardware which is precision machined to our own exact standards, and our doors are made with the same quality and attention to detail as our furniture.

Our barn door hardware is as tough as it is good looking.  We have developed the Fast Track Barn Door Flat Track System, which is totally constructed of steel and has exceptional bearings for smooth operation.  The hardware comes in two styles and several finishing options:

  • The 6″ spoked wheel system offers a more old fashioned look and is available in black powder coat.  We think this wheel assembly looks fantastic and will give an industrial feel to your door presentation.
  • The 3″ disk wheel system offers a more contemporary feel overall, yet the finishing options allow for a little room to play. The natural steel finish has an industrial look to it and congers up the image of a factory door.  The black powder coated finish is contemporary, yet black steel is also basic and old fashioned.  The brushed steel and stainless steel finishes are both contemporary, however, the contract of contemporary hardware on a rustic will look just as fantastic as on a contemporary door.

Our barn doors are as beautiful as our furniture.  We focus on quality construction and unique materials to bring you doors that are extraordinary and truly one-of-a-kind pieces. We have a vast supply of reclaimed barnwood(s) and new wood available for the construction of your door.  And we have many finishing options.  So we are sure to offer something that will appeal to almost everyone.

For more information about ordering your own barn door, contact The Refined Pallet @ 647-968-4004


Marks Door
















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Custom Desk Build!

22 Feb

Here is a custom, over-sized desk I was asked to design and build in a home based office.  This desk measures out at over 11 feet long and about 28 inches wide.  The desk top is constructed of 2 inch thick reclaimed  barn threshing floor planks; the supports are made from 4×4 cross braces that are reclaimed as well.

Definitely over-sized…my design was based on maximizing the usable space without having any obstructions below in the form of legs.  This desk serves as a work space for 2-3 people as well as computers and other normal office equipment.

The only hitch in this build was the build out for the duct work in the wall.  It was an obstacle, but as the old saying goes, “If you can’t beat ‘em…join ‘em!”

So I did. And in the end, the desk is rock solid, functional and looks great!

Designed and built to last by Mark Livingston.

For more information on your own custom build, call The Refined Pallet @ 647-968-4004.

daves desk 3

Desk - Mark Livingston 2

Desk - Mark Livingston