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ANVIL Iron Table Legs

These are ANVIL Iron Table Legs.  These legs are the first in our own series of iron legs made exclusively for THE REFINED PALLET.  They are called ANVIL because nothing is tougher than an anvil, and our legs are anvil tough!  And…they look really sharp too!

The good news is that we are selling Anvil Iron Table Legs to DIYers! That’s right…you can purchase our legs for your own projects.

We offer ANVIL Iron Table Legs in natural steel or in flat black powder coat finish.  Either way…the finish is anvil tough!  The legs are very easy to install on your own furniture with just a few simple tools.  The legs are made of 2 inch wide welded  flat iron that is a full 1/4 inch thick.

ANVIL Iron Table Legs are available in heights of 8, 10, 12 and 16 inches.

So, when you’re ready to get busy…get ANVIL!

Please call 647-968-4004 for more information or to place an order today.

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