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Interior Barn Doors!!

The Refined Pallet is now offering Rolling Barn Doors for the interior of your home or work space.  We are happy to announce that we have developed our own barn door hardware which is precision machined to our own exact standards, and our doors are made with the same quality and attention to detail as...
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ANVIL Iron Table Legs

These are ANVIL Iron Table Legs.  These legs are the first in our own series of iron legs made exclusively for THE REFINED PALLET.  They are called ANVIL because nothing is tougher than an anvil, and our legs are anvil tough!  And...they look really sharp too! The good news is that we are selling Anvil Iron...
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Hairpin Legs

These are hairpin legs. They are made from solid 3/8 and1/2 inch iron rod or stainless steel. The legs are welded to flat iron mounts. The hairpin legs are available in a variety of sizes and finishes. As mentioned, stainless steel is available for a modern look. The natural iron can be left as it is...
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