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BIG Ash Barn Beam Slabs Circa 1886!!

JUST IN FROM THE SAW MILL are these beautiful ash slabs cut from an over-sized barn beam reclaimed from a barn raised in 1886!  These slabs are 8 feet long...16 inches wide and 2 inches thick.  The grain is beautiful.  These slabs are cut from a beam that was not squared off when it was...
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Barn Board For Sale!

We have just taken delivery of a really nice selection of barn board.  We purchase this wood for our furniture and our barn doors.  But we like to sell some of our stock as well. We look for barn wood that fits the bill for building furniture and doors.  What that means is that it has...
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Reclaimed Barn Beams and Barn Wood!

At The Refined Pallet...we are known for our reclaimed wood furniture.  That's what got us started.  But we also do a lot of other things with our reclaimed wood that you may not know.  And as usual...our repertoire is always growing through the creative process for which we are known. Below are photographs of our reclaimed...
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Just in from the kiln are several live edge slabs for the taking.  We have Black Walnut slabs...we have Spalted Maple slabs...we have Black Walnut and Spalted Maple Rounds.  All slabs are assorted sizes.  Perfect for coffee tables...benches...console tables...end tables...interior accents.  Let your imagination take you someplace special with this amazing  material. If you are a...
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