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Custom Milled Slab Mantels!!

We often get requests for fireplace mantels with measurements that don’t fit within the dimensions we ordinarily see when we purchase our reclaimed barn beams.  Most barn beams are square, or slightly off square, and while the usual dimensions work for most of our customers…they don’t work for all.

We can custom cut slab-style mantels from our reclaimed barn beams to meet most dimensional requirements.  Slab mantels are wider than they are thick, so they have a lower profile than that of  their square counterparts.  This slab-style mantel is fabricated by running the beam through a saw mill,  trimming away as much wood from the bottom and/or back as necessary, in order to yield the required dimensions.  This gives us the right size slab we need, while leaving the top and front of the mantel – the presentation sides – unaltered.  This means we create a slab with the original look of the barn  beam left intact.

Below is a barn beam mantel a customer has ordered cut to a slimmer thickness to suit his requirements.  This beam is a standard 10″ x 10″ beam with a length of 6 feet.  We will cut 2″ off the bottom to yield an 8″ x 10″ slab mantel.  Below are pictures of some mantels being finished for customers.  You will see two custom slab mantels and one standard 8″ x 8″ square mantel.

If you want more information on our custom slab mantels, please contact The Refined Pallet @ 647-968-4004

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