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Hairpin Legs

These are hairpin legs. They are made from solid 3/8 and1/2 inch iron rod or stainless steel. The legs are welded to flat iron mounts.

The hairpin legs are available in a variety of sizes and finishes. As mentioned, stainless steel is available for a modern look. The natural iron can be left as it is and protected with a light coat of oil. Or, they can be primed and painted any color you like. Powder coating is also an option for a rock solid finish.

THE REFINED PALLET is now offering hairpin legs as an option on some of our tables. We offer them on our live edge slab tables and on some of our specialty tables. If you are purchasing a live edge slab for a DIY project, we can supply you with the appropriate sized leg for your project.

Please contacts is at 647-968-4004 for more information and for pricing.

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