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The Big Daddy Industrial Pallet Table

The Big Daddy gets its name because of it’s size – the original Big Daddy is a monster!  I own that monster personally.  But the original set the design standard for all of the Big Daddys that came after.  And even though I have only made one other Daddy as large as the original, all of the smaller Daddys still cast a big shadow!

The beauty of the Big Daddy is that it has closed sides which provides concealed storage.  That’s a good feature if you like things stored away out of sight.  The other advantage to the closed sides is that it provides a nice canvas for personalized stenciling!

The Big Daddy is available in whatever dimensions you need.  We custom build to your requirements.  So…when looking at the pictures of Big Daddys below, look at them with the understanding that they are all different sizes.  They are all different colors too.  That’s because stain color is another choice you have when ordering your table.

Look over the Big Daddys below, and if you can visualize one of the sitting in your living room, give us a call at 647-968-4004 and we can start planning your build today!

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